One of the main reasons why you would want to collect installed drivers is if you don’t have the Driver CD that came with the computer or they are unavailable online. This comes in quite handy if you purchase a computer and want to backup the initial set of drivers. It can be quite difficulty for example to find drivers for hardware installed in a notebook if the operating system has to be setup again. Luckily Double Driver can now lend you a hand with that and save you a lot of time.

Double Driver is a very simple and useful tool which not only allows you to view all the drivers installed on your system but also allows you to backup, restore, save and print all chosen drivers.

Double Driver analyzes your system and lists the most important driver details such as version, date, provider, etc. All drivers that are found can easily be backed up the application and easily restored at a later point in one go.

Double Driver is freeware. Feel free to use and give this program to anyone you know. Your  donation or  feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Double Driver Requirement

Operating System :: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32-bit or 64-bit)

Double Driver Features

List, save, and print drivers detailsBackup drivers from current WindowsBackup drivers from non-live/non-booting WindowsBackup drivers to structured folders, compressed (zipped) folder, and self-extracting capabilityRestore drivers from previous backupAvailable in GUI and CLI applicationPortable (no installation required)

Double Driver Version History

> major changes

+ added

^ updated

~ improved

! bug fixed/removed

Double Driver 4.1 (August 2010)

^ Ability to resize main dialog

~ Option to by-pass elevated mode

! Fixed: false positive from Avira (dd.dll)

Double Driver 4.0 (April 2010)

> New engine: faster, removed dependencies (7-zip32.dll and msvbvm60.dll)

> New Command-Line Interface (CLI) application (support command and switches)

> New Graphical User Interface (GUI) in all dialogs

> New Device Driver Installation Wizard

~ Ability to back-up non-live/non-booting Windows

Double Driver 3.0 (September 2009)

> Portable by default with stealth mode

^ Print setup dialog

^ Graphical user interface

! Fixed: problem identifying some drivers

! Fixed: sorting on date

Double Driver 2.1 (January 2009)

+ Ability to build Double Driver Portable

+ Compressed (zipped) folder output option

+ Single file self extract (executable) output option

Double Driver 2.0 (September 2008)

+ Restore dialog

+ Print dialog

+ Shortcut to Files and Settings Transfer Wizard

^ Graphical user interface (GUI)

~ Restore drivers easily in one go

! Fixed: Save list on Vista

Double Driver 1.3.1 (August 2008)

! Fixed: Vista installation issue

Double Driver 1.3 (July 2008)

+ Generate report (log) file

~ Extract additional files if available

! Fixed: error extracting drivers

Double Driver 1.2 (March 2008)

+ Autoselect individual provider

~ Deeper search for installed drivers

~ Categorize the backup destination folder by the driver class

! Fixed: minor bugs

Double Driver 1.1 (February 2005)

+ Manual search for missing files

! Fixed: compatibility issue with Windows 9x

Double Driver 1.0 (First Release – August 2004)

+ View installed drivers

+ Backup drivers

+ Restore drivers

+ Save drivers list

+ Print drivers list